Episode 6

Fear and Your Immune System

Fear can do terrible things to our immune system. The good news is we have some control because the connection between the two is weakened or strengthened by many factors. The “Fight or Flight” syndrome can be used to our advantage following small and simple steps.

Episode 5

Quarantine Lessons: Social Adjustments, Fear, and the Motivation to Move Forward

Episode 3

Covid-19 and the Importance of Discipline and Routine

Discipline is more crucial now than ever. Creating a specific routine grounds us in the moment, gives us a purpose, a desire to grow, a sense of belonging and structure in a chaotic environment. This half-hour episode will help you embrace the unknown and provide you with guidance as you chart new territories. We hope you find it helpful.

Episode 2

Is Your Dream the American Dream?

The American Dream is a term that is often used, overused, and many times misunderstood. For many it is a financial dream— becoming rich; to others it’s a social one— becoming famous. What you think of this dream is what it will become to you, but, first and foremost, are you brave enough to even dream? Let’s find out together.

Episode 1

Mental Health: One Thought at a Time

Lack of illness is not health, and mental health is not a final destination but a journey in itself. It all begins with a positive thought and the desire to get out of bed. The only way up is going through it. Dare to think and feel different!

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