Episode 16

Not Your Typical Old Lady

Meet 84-year-old Marcia Minor and learn from the wisdom, insights, vision for the future, and even romance she holds. A truly rare woman who once received a gift from Elvis Presley on his return trip from Memphis. 

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The R&R Podcast

with Leo Frincu and Aura Imbarus

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Renowned educator, freelance journalist, motivational speaker, life coach and author of the critically acclaimed Amazon best-seller, Out of the Transylvania Night: A Story of Tyranny, Freedom, Love and Identity.


World champion wrestler, owner of Results Studio gym in Los Angeles, CA, performance strategist for business leaders and athletes worldwide, and renowned author of the acclaimed book, Choosing Freedom.

The R&R Podcast

Our Story

One day, while scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post by a Romanian in Los Angeles who wrote a book called Out of the Transylvania Night. Her name is Aura Imbarus. She has a doctoral degree in World Humanities and teaches English at both the college and high school level. She is a cultural ambassador for Romania; publisher of the inspirational, literary See Beyond magazine; and a life coach, certified by Mary Morrissey’s DreamBuilder Program. She also considers Dr. Brian Weiss, Bob Proctor, and Dr. Joe Dispenza extremely influential in her personal and professional development.

Intrigued, I wanted to know more about Aura’s story. But I didn’t reach out to her then. Perhaps, I was too preoccupied with writing my own story. Or maybe it just wasn’t the right time.

It took me almost ten years to realize that my past is just a story I tell myself and others. Our real story lies somewhere between who we think we are and what we think we want. Eventually, I invited Aura to dinner so we could talk about our mutual passion for helping others.

Aura was warm, unpretentious, and hilarious. I was impressed, which doesn’t happen often. Within minutes, Aura welcomed me into her world. With my extensive experience as a business owner, I have learned how to find extraordinary people, like Aura. I immediately realized that we need to capture that magic and share it with others. The R&R Podcast was born.

My insights as a world-champion athlete with extensive experience in human performance coupled with Aura’s poignant and witty words of wisdom can be a tremendous benefit for anyone ready to reach the next performance level.

If you’re looking to change your life and would like to enjoy some lively intellectual banter, too, let Aura and me introduce you to a world of passion, knowledge, and positivity.

The energy between us is Raw, and it’s Real! Please enjoy our episodes and programs!

All the best,


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Episode 15

Sport Psychology 101

With elite athlete, coach, fitness professional and entrepreneur Hailey Perlus, Ph.D.

Episode 14

The Many Facets of Conflict and How to Manage Them in a Healthy Way

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The Biology of Greatness, Health and Wellness

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Episode 11

California Legislature, the Reopening of Schools during COVID 19, and Censorship

With Special Guests:

KEVIN KILEY, CA Assemblyman who sued Governor Newsom for its draconian rules

Dr. ALEX CHERNISS, Palos Verdes Peninsula USD Superintendent

RAPHI F. REBUCAS, the 15-yr-old President and Founder of Young Leaders PAC!

Episode 10

Be in the PILOT seat with Elizabeth McCormick, former US Army Black Hawk awarded helicopter pilot!

Special Guest:  Elizabeth McCormick

Episode 9

Conspiracy, Comfort, Co-dependency and the Road to Self Empowerment!

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Episode 8

The Power of Breathing, the Seven Chakras, and the Sacred Temple Called Human Body

Special Guest:  Aditya “AJ” Javkumar

Episode 7

Dating, The Rules of Etiquette, Gender Roles and the Challenges of Social Interaction

Special Guest:  Marla Martenson, Professional Matchmaker

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